Thursday, January 30, 2020

Evercade Handheld Game Console - Check it out!


(Click: )

I just found out about this from "The Retro Future Evercade First Look "

 and I'm pretty excited about it!

(Disclaimer: Neither the YouTube nor the Evercade ppl asked or paid me for any endorsements of any kind )

Evercade's site says they are set to launch on April 9th 2020 in just 3 months from now.  Are you going to get one?

Also; since I used to develop video games in DX Studio for windows - I am considering developing a video game of my own for their console as a Indie-Developer.  I love this idea and maybe making a open source toolkit on GitHub but I'll have to wait and see if down the line some time there is a way for me to go for it.

I have left comments open here, please feel free to let me know if there are any 2D kinds of game styles you would like to see developed for a console like this.

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