About Me...

About ME:

My name is "Rich" but I also have gone by the handle "ucm" ( pronounced u. c. m. ) over a decade ago for a few years.  ucm is an abbreviation of my first online handle I ever had which for a very long time most forums wouldn't allow the length so i said ***k-it i'll just use "u c m" then spaces weren't allowed.... then no periods.... *face-palm* :-|

Years ago; I was part of a community supporting DX Studio on Windows xp/7.  Sadly the company creating DX Studio lost their primary source of revenue due to the economy at that time before they could get their Android port of the DX Studio engine ready.

I LOVE that company and their staff; I would do almost anything to help them reestablish themselves again.

Our forum community was filled with the best engineers and professionals you could ever hope to know.  Over the years I spent working with DX Studio especially my favorite version 3.2.72; I helped many people and new comers as well as done some amazing feats with the DX Studio engine.  At the time I didn't know anything about C++ or win32/win64 development let alone DirectX or OpenGL graphics programming but over the years I have picked up some of these skills in a limited fashion.

I Have designed many video games using DX Studio and poured my heart and soul into a couple of them, however, I was never in a really good enough position in RL ( Real Life ) to actually be able to get things published.

Unfortunately;  a severe lack of adequate funds prevented me form being able to publish not just games for other Indie developers but also from publishing my own games.


Now in 2020; There are many ways for Indie developers to get their games and products to market.  Thus; I have decided to start this new decade with the full heart of getting several of my games re-designed, fully-developed, and published to several platforms where I can.

Note: I intend to develop the entire game development process & pipeline I will use from scratch and share with everyone how I do it in the hopes we can all learn something from the experience!

Also-Note: sometimes Real Life ( aka RL ) for all of us can get in the way of our passions but I will endeavor to not let RL get in my way of getting this done.  I am making at least 1 game and putting it online to sell, to h_ll with RL *shakes fist*

You are invited to stick around for the ( i hate it when people say this word like this but... well.. ) "Journey" 0:-)

u.c.m. Rich 

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